Levi Bellfield has been found guilty of murdering 13-year-old Milly Dowler. It is Bellfield’s third murder conviction.

Nightclub bouncer Bellfield lured Milly Dowler into his flat as she walked home from school before killing her and dumping her naked body in a forest.

An Old Bailey jury found Bellfield, 43, guilty of abducting and murdering the teenager.

Bellfield has already been convicted of murdering two young women in west London and attempting to murder a third.

He is also accused of attempting to abduct Rachel Cowles, 11, the day before Milly Dowler was killed.

Milly's mother and sister Gemma, 25, collapsed after hearing the verdict.

Prosecutor Brian Altman QC told the jury that Milly was "slim, pretty and intelligent, an ordinary girl who was developing into a fine young woman".

The Chief Constable of Surrey Mark Rowley is to apologise for police failings that allowed Bellfield to escape and commit the further crimes.

After Dowler’s disappearance, detectives called at Bellfield's flat 11 times until they got an answer. By that time he had moved and officers did not bother to find out where he had gone.

Milly’s father, Bob Dowler was initially put under police surveillance as a suspect. Suspicion increased when detectives learned that Milly had been upset to discover his porn magazines and had threatened to run away.

Mr Dowler was later ruled out of the investigation.

During the trial Bellfield's former girlfriend Emma Mills said he had gone missing on the day of Milly's disappearance.

When he returned he was wearing different clothes and, the following day, told Mills he wanted to move out of the flat.

When he destroyed the bed sheets, Mills said she thought he had been with another woman.

When she asked him where he had been that day, Bellfield replied: "What? Do you think I've done Milly?"

During his trial, Bellfield refused to give evidence in his defence.