Thorson, 53, who was in a relationship with Liberace in the seventies and eighties, claimed that he and Jackson were “lovers..for a short term” and remained friends afterwards, during an interview with Australian radio station GOLD 104.3, according to

“I was introduced to Michael Jackson through Liberace back in ’77 and we had a fantastic relationship and when Lee [Liberace] and I broke up in ’82, Michael swept me off my feet and said ‘hey, I’m breaking away from the Jackson 5, I’m going solo, this is when the Thriller tour started,” said Thorson during the interview.

Thorson was asked to confirm that he and Jackson were lovers by radio hosts Brig & Lehmo.

“Yes I was, for a short term. It was short term because Michael became very big at the time and his management team and head of security Bill Bray thought it would be best that we not go any further with our relationship because I was still going through the big court scene with Liberace and all that.”

Thorson also stated “Michael started his drug addiction because of the plastic surgeon.”

Behind the Candelabra, the story of the life of flamboyant gay entertainer Liberace was recently released in the UK, starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon as Liberace, known as Lee to friends, and Scott Thorson.

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