The 1960s was the era of free love and the hippies and while free love was more “in your face” then things have not changed that much. We live in an age where life, lifestyles and even the way we express love are all frees.  We all have so much freedom to do as we please, when we please and even with whom we please and finding those areas where we can reach the edge of the envelope of life. But how far must we, can we go?

Have the Europeans got it right?

There are many romantic places in Europe and there never will be a shortage of love and romance in cities such as Rome and Paris as popular websites like LOveSita will show. Love today needs more than just a hint of romance, it needs a touch of taboo and a twist of excitement and this is where freedom comes in.  For centuries Europe has been the destination for romance with couples proposing or simply just holding hands in front of, under and on top of some the most well-known landmarks in the world.

Love, Romance, and Thrill

There has always been something that makes people want to take a few risks with their lover. Love triggers some many emotions and when it comes to doing something on the more taboo side of things then the thrill takes over. For some crazy reason, love makes people do crazy things, even things that may seem a little non-mainstream.  When looking for a lover we will be drawn to those who love what we love or I may be drawn to something so opposite to us, or what others perceive as us that the thrill of love and life itself takes on a new meaning.

Dare if you will

How far will you take your love life or even your life in general?  Life is meant to be lived and lived to the full. We all know life is far too short and this means we need to touch taboo if we dare. While the 1960s were about free love 2019 must be more about daring love. No holds are barred when it comes to love and with the freedom, we have today we can find excitement and romance in love like never before. If their freedom is so much it surely begs the question how far will you dare to go to experience the joy of love and the happiness it brings?

Turned heads

The modern generation may well be frowned on by those more “mature” people but it is nothing new. Just because we do things differently to them it does not mean we are that far different. What was once taboo for them is now not taboo us. Taboo things have a habit of becoming the norm over time and when it comes to love, life and living this is exceptionally true. We all need to explore the outer boundaries of life and love and if that means touching taboo then let life continue.