Shane Warne and Liz Hurley have been hiding out from the paparazzi on the first day of Hurley’s visit to the Australian cricket star’s Melbourne mansion, fuelling speculation that they may be using the new mattress Warne recently had delivered.

Warne has been photographed making elaborate preparations for Hurley’s visit over the last few days: receiving deliveries of a new mattress and scented candles, much to the joy of waiting photographers.

Liz flew in to Melbourne airport last night and was greeted by a crowd of interested onlookers.

Liz Hurley and Shane Wrane snapped smooching
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One Twitter user wrote: “A crowd of 100 broke into applause when they saw Liz Hurley at the arrivals gate. Way to play it cool, Melbourne.”

Despite Hurley followed from the airport by a string of paps, once inside the Warne mansion the couple have been hidden from prying eyes. Over the last week, Warne has erected blackout screens on the high fences around his home.

Suggesting that the relationship is serious, however, Warne introduced Hurley to his parents yesterday. Both Bridgette and Keith Warne were spotted leaving Shane’s mansion carrying gifts.

Shane and Liz’s sudden fit of bashfulness in stark contrast to their relationship so far, which has been as public as they come.

Some sample Tweets:

Liz to Shane: “I saw that pic of chomping a cornetto in one giant bite….”

Shane to Liz: “one of my party tricks !! Have a few more up my sleeve to !!! Wait till you see me…………….. !!! Hahahaha”
Say no more.