London is a busy city, the capital of England and one of the economic capitals of the world. It is a city for tourists and locals alike and it is always busy. The city has plenty of entertainment from theatres to cinemas to a host of attractions and yet even this is not enough for some people who feel the need to be stimulated at all times, it is part of the modern lifestyle. So how do you remain stimulated all the time in London?

Taking the Casino with you

London has many attractions and most tourists and even locals tend to focus on these with a casino not being the first priority on the list. For many tourists and locals alike, online roulette is the answer and it can be played anywhere. Locals can find their phones become a source of joy and sometimes winning big on their busy and often stressful commute to and from work. Playing roulette on the tube or poker on the bus is fast becoming a way to make a commute seem quicker than it actually is. 

Film your commute in time-lapse

If you really want something to remind you that your commute film it on time-lapse on your phone. It only takes one commute to be filmed for you to have the most amusing, super-fast copy of your journey to work that will make you realize your commute is not so bad after all. You could upload your super-fast movie to YouTube and your YouTuber career could start. The camera on your phone can become a powerful tool that is de-stressing your commute to and from work. Taking photos and posting them on social media or writing a fun blog about your commute each day will take your mind off the stress of the commute and help you focus on finding the cool things, funny things or just plain annoying things that others need to see and read about.

Foreign Radio

Listening to the BBC or any local radio station in and around London just makes you realize you are in London and you are on a train, tube or bus. Use your phone and tune into a foreign radio station from the other side of the world. Listen to news and music from around the world, try a radio station in Seychelles or a weird talk radio station streaming from some backstreet town in the US. You will be transported away from your commute into another world and you may even learn something.


The Art of Conversation

This is something the Brits are not renowned for but the striking up a conversation with the person sat, or, more than likely standing next to you is a brilliant way to unstress your London commute. The conversation about anything that extends upon good morning can brighten up your day and that of anyone else. There are many people who would only be too happy to strike up a conversation to lighten up their commute and they are begging for someone to simply greet them. The art of conversation hasn’t been lost, it just needs someone to start and it could be you who does it.

Happy Commute

A commute doesn’t have to be stressful, even if the train is late or the tube drivers are on strike. Put a smile on your face and enjoy your commute, use the ideas mentioned or find your own and begin to make London one of the happiest places on earth.