The New Zealand songstresses track is a mega-hit all over the planet but well and truly off the menu as the country awaits Major League Baseball’s deciding series  between the San Fran Giants and the Kansas City Royals. 

KFOG Radio and 96.5 KOIT are the first stations to say they won’t play the song in the home of the Giants. 

Earlier this year Lorde said her catchy chorus was inspired by a National Geographic photo of former Royals player George Brett signing balls for supporters baseballs for fans.

Brett then sent her a shirt with his name and number on the back. He wrote “You are Royal to me” with the gift, which she was decidedly chuffed about.

It’s not bad news for Lorde’s Royal-ties though, with Kansas stations getting behind her – 99.7 The Point has vowed to give Royals a spin “once every hour from 7. a.m. to 7pm the day of the opener.

“You might try to stop the #Royals on your airwaves … but we’ll just pump ’em up!” said the station’s Facebook profile.

Image via Twitter