Hopefully you view this as an opportunity rather than a hardship. Maybe your day job has moving across the country, or perhaps you are displaced from your hometown due a family move. Regardless of the reason there is one very easy way to get acclimated to your new environment, and earn money while you do it!

Starting your own blog can open doors you never imagined. First, let’s start with the social aspect of blogging and then we can get into the monetary stuff. If you are decent at writing and have something to say, then a blog is a great way to express yourself and get to know your new city. Consider starting a review site. Perhaps you want to review the top ten restaurants in your new zip code, or perhaps you want to review the trendy new bar in town. We see these types of sites thrive with regular readers all the time. Not only do you get the opportunity visit these establishments but you will begin to navigate your new city and know your way around better.

There’s no reason why you need to keep your reviews to local bars and restaurants, you could branch out and recommend local sites and parks, or perhaps even the best places to bank in the city! There are plenty of options. Just think of the many questions you had when moving to the area and what would all of the expats after you want to know. Likewise, even locals only have so much time and money to conquer their hometowns. Having a plethora of local reviews leaves them with plenty of options to choose from and feel comfortable about trying out.

Blogging is chalk full of social interaction, but it isn’t without its monetary benefits as well. You can use your blog to sell your own products, to promote others’ products that you’re affiliated with, to sell ad space, or to capture freelance business leads so you can nurture relationships over time via email.

Take one blogger as an example. 0ne of the world’s most successful online marketers, Neil Patel, attributes his success to his blog. “Blogging is how I market my businesses, build my brand, sell products, and help others thrive. It’s all about the blog.” Making money online is easier than most people think – it’s just that they don’t stick with it long enough to see it come to fruition.

The one year mark is usually about the time it takes for advertisers to start taking notice. If you slowly build a loyal and local audience you will find that many of the local brick-and-mortar establishments will want to advertise on your site. Say you attract a loyal 25-35 readership that routinely visits your site, you will find that the hip cocktail bars and coffee houses around town will be contacting you for site placement opportunities. Just keep in mind that before you accept one advertisement, or take one advertising dollar, you need to establish yourself as an authority in whatever subject or realm you choose to blog.