Happy Sindane was found dead yesterday in the village of Tweefontein, after being ‘severely assaulted’, reports the Daily Mail.

Police spokesman Leonard Hlathi said: ‘People who were passing by spotted a body that was lying on the streets at Tweefontein There was stones found at the scene. It seemed as if he was stoned to death.’

No arrests have been made so far and there are said to be no known motives for the killing.

In 2003, when Sindane was 16, he told police near Pretoria he had been kidnapped from a white family 12 years earlier and had been living in a black township.He said he was abused and forced to live outdoors tending animals.

An enquiry found that Sindane’s birth name was Abbey Mziyaye and that he was the son of a black domestic worker, Rina Mzayiya. The court found his father was probably a white man, Henry Nick, who employed Mzayiya. His foster amily said they had taken in an unwanted child, left with them by his mother, and treated him as one of their own.

According to IOL News, Sindane’s cousin Thomas Kabini, who lived with him in the village of Tweefontein, said he was ‘in good spirits and happy’ the last time he spoke to him on Thursday.He said: ‘I went to identify his body. His head was badly hurt. The rest of his body seemed unharmed.’

He said no funeral arrangements have been made.