Prove it? Look, the programme is 104 pages long so we’re not going through the whole lot here.

But how about a performance that goes by the glorious title ‘A Bee’s Dick Away’?

The Blurb says it’s about “the overwhelming stress of being passionately pro-choice but fearfully anti-mistake” and is a comedy touching on abortion, disability, parenting, private schooling, religion, economic theory, gender politics, climate change and tomato sauce. Phew!

Or maybe ‘Become a functional adult in 45 minutes’ Sophie wants to be a proper grown up. The kind that can hold down a real job, understands how taxes work and wear matching socks on a regular basis. Unfortunately for her, she’s a bit of a dickhead.

If they don’t turn you on, there’s always ‘Abbott, the Musical’ a musical comedy (what else) all about our inglorious 28th Prime Minister or Dan Willis’ ‘Whinging Pom’s Guide to Australia’.

Then there’s Mark Butler’s ‘Confessions of a Sensitive Male Stripper whose name is Cowboyzone. He’s a sensitive soul who gets sad when you mock his dancing, weeps inside when you grab him inappropriately. But the show must go on: he suffers for his art.

As for ‘Barry Morgan’s World of Organs’, we’re not even going there.

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