The follow up to the 8-year-old Xbox 360, the new Xbox One will be released ‘by the end of the year’ – many are expecting the likely month will be November as has been the case with previous Xbox consoles.

“The Xbox One is a real advancement, one that will transform the way we experience TV, games, music, movies and more,” said Brian Blau of influencial US information tech company Gartner Research.

“From what we can see so far Microsoft has met and far exceeded expectations for the Xbox One. This is Microsoft branching out into the living room to reach more of a family audience rather than a core gaming audience,” said Blau.

The new model features 8gb of RAM and 500gb of storage space as well as the option to store data on a cloud. The new console will be supported by an incredible 300,000 servers, which is ‘more than the entire world’s computing power in 1999’ according to Microsoft’s Marc Whitten.

The console will be able to run multiple apps simultaneously with the option to route your TV watching and internet browsing through the new machine. There’s an update to the revolutionary Kinect motion detection system improving accuracy and a much wider field of vision and the ability to measure a user’s heart rate.

Gamers will be hoping to avoid the technology problems which plagued the Xbox 360 with the infamous ‘red ring of death’ hardware failure, which left thousands of users worldwide facing expensive repair bills when their consoles overheated and effectively became useless – displaying a red ring light around the console’s logo.

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The Xbox One controller – sticking with the familiar design there are few changes from the previous Xbox 360 model – though inside there’s reportedly 40 new features

Microsoft, who showed off snippets of a new Call of Duty game, titled ‘Ghosts’ during the launch, promised that they would be previewing more games next month at the E3 conference in LA.

Satirical tricksters have focused on the number of times the words ‘TV’ and ‘sports’ were mentioned during the launch presentation, compiling a hilarious highlights video, which you can chuckle at below…

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