Indian model Poonam Pandey, who promised to strip naked if her country’s team won the Cricket World Cup, has not yet kept her side of the bargain and now rumours are swirling that she may choose to get her kit off in Paris, to avoid controversy over nudity in India.

In the run up to the Cricket World Cup final, Pandey promised that if India won she would strip and run naked around the pitch. However, despite her country lifting the World Cup trophy at the weekend, Pandey has still remained stubbornly clothed.

Poonam Pandey promises to strip for India

Following India’s win, Poonam’s Facebook age was inundated with comments questioning why the promised strip had not taken place.

Ketan Bajwal wrote: “so where are you baby. It’s your turn. Go ahead to keep your promise.”

“We are still waiting for your commitment. Poonam we want your action,” said Vishal Garg.

“Where the hell is Poonam Pandey. I bought an HD TV for you!” another wrote.

Pandey’s mobile was reportedly switched off after the model received a barrage of abusive calls, demanding she keep her side of the bargain.

However it has now emerged that Pandey may choose another country such as France for her striptease, to avoid controversy in India.

Pandey has stayed in touch with her fans via Facebook and Twitter, and from her updates it appears that the strip is still on.

“I am Still on with My Commitments Stay TUNE :)” she wrote on Facebook.

And on Twitter: “Once Steve Forbes said ‘A promise made should be a promise kept.’ so guys soon will complete my promise just Wait n watch.”

Will Poonam Pandey strip in Paris