Guests have to take a 21ft plunge in scuba gear in order to reach their marine hideaway – so if you’re a bit claustrophobic when faced with a mask and an oxygen tank, this won’t be for you.

The converted lodge (previously it was a research lab) boasts 42-inch windows in each room, with views of the marine life of the Emerald Lagoon. Visitors can spend all day watching angelfish, parrotfish, barracuda and snappers in their natural habitat – without ditching any of the comforts they’d normally have on dry land.

The lodge features two bedrooms with telephones, showers, a kitchen and a selection of music and films.

However, here’s the best part – you can get a Papa John’s pizza dinner delivered by a diver to your door.

The only catch for potential guests is that you have to be a certified SCUBA diver – but luckily for those of us without existing qualifications, Key Largo Undersea Park offers a Discover SCUBA Diving course for about £57.

Image credit: YouTube