The list of 77 names reveals one child was set to be called “Anal” while another just avoided being known as “.” or full stop, reports ABC News.

Other names on the list included “4Real”, “V8”, and “Queen Victoria” but more depressing still were the parents who just wanted to call their new family additions “2nd”, “3rd” or “5th”.

The Department of Internal Affairs rules forbid any name that implies a child holds an official title or rank, so “King”, “Duke” and “Princess” were among those that had been turned down most since 2001.

In 2008, New Zealand’s family court ordered that a nine-year-old girl whose parents had called her “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii” should have her name changed because it was embarrassing and “makes a fool of the child”.

At the time, judge Rob Murfitt cited examples such as “Number 16 Bus Shelter”, “Midnight Chardonnay” and twins called “Benson” and “Hedges” as inappropriate. No shit.

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