At the petrol station in Mount Warren Park near Brisbane last week a couple attempted a ‘petrol drive-off’ only for their attempts to go horribly wrong, with the clip going viral and being viewed almost 100,000 times. 

One of the staff at the station became suspicious of the couple, as the woman filled up the car and her accomplice remained in the car at the wheel . As she went over the check the out though the driver panicked and sped off – with the car still linked to the pump through the nozzle.

As the car drives away the young woman filling up the tank is caught by the cable and flung up into the air, coming to rest on the hard concrete of the station forecourt several metres away.

Disorientated, she picks herself up and jumps into the car with the two speeding off, the nozzle still pumping out petrol onto the ground.

The couple made their escape and still remain on the run. 

Photo: YouTube.