Nintendo 3DS has become the centre of a refund row after thousands of users have complained of suffering headaches and dizziness after playing the console.

Gamers made ill by the game have allegedly been refused full refunds when they returned them to retailers.

UK games retailers have seen record return levels, according to The Sun.

Nintendo 3DS “makes gamers sick”

One gamer, Sundeep Tailor, a 27-year-old dad, from Luton, who suffered from dizziness after playing the game, went to ask his retailer for a refund, but was shocked when the shop refused to give a refund, then offered him £30 less than the price he initially paid for it.

Nintendo has rejected the allegations, saying that it had “zero calls on the issue in both the UK and across Europe since Nintendo 3DS launch”.

But Nintendo announced that the game was not safe for under-sevens and said that the game should not be played in 3D mode for less than 30 minutes.

Game is offering an in-store credit of £190 or £180 cash for consoles that are returned before April 25.

HMV is offering a £200 trade-in against other products that it stocks for consoles returned by Thursday.