Wenche Behring told psychiatrists: “He must have been insane, he became so different.”

In 2006, the 32-year-old moved back in with her and immediately started to behave erratically

She detailed how Anders became obsessive about politics and history.

“He was totally beyond reason and believed all the nonsense he said,” she said.

Meanwhile, Anders Breivik has said he hoped his mother would not attend his trial.

“I just hope that my mother is not there,” he told them. “She is the only one who can make me emotionally unstable. She is my Achilles’ heel.”

By April this year, when he was in the final stages of preparation for his attacks, he wore an antiseptic face mask whenever he was inside the house, fearing she would infect him.

He also called the family doctor, accusing his mother of infecting his sinuses.

 Often he would refuse to eat anything she cooked, although he then sit uncomfortably close to her on the sofa.

Breivik was raised by his mother, who divorced his diplomat father when he was one. After an argument during his teens, Breivik had almost no contact with his father.

The recent conclusion that Breivik was insane surprised some psychiatrists, who had argued that the attacks were too meticulously planned to be the work of a schizophrenic.