After months of infighting and appalling polls, Simon Crean The Minister for Arts, Regional Development and Local Government this afternoon called on Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd to once and for all decide who should be the Leader of the Labor party heading towards the September 14th election.

Crean’s call was made hours before the opposition party’s attempts to dissolve the parliament and carry a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister narrowly failed.

The Prime Minister Julia Gillard has called a leadership spill for 16:30 this afternoon in Sydney and Melbourne time.

“For the information of the house, I have determined there will be a ballot for the leadership and the deputy leadership of the Labor party at 4.30pm today,” she said before looking across the chamber at the Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott. “In the meantime, take your best shot.”

Juicy like a piece of steak…

In the meantime we’re very excited to actually be awake for some breaking news that isn’t about bears sniffing petrol or Jon Hamm’s penis.

Stay by your computers people, this afternoon is going to be interesting!

Image: Getty