If you’re a nurse and want to stay longer in Oz, that dream could soon become a reality because Australia needs you. “With hospitals fighting an increasingly difficult battle to meet staff demands, many opportunities have opened for overseas nurses,” explains TMP Worldwide account manager Monica Fettell. But if you’re yet to drag your lazy ass off the beach and into an agency, there’s a few things worth sorting out first. Most important is registering, which is easy to do online. If you don’t get it sorted straight away it can cause delays. Getting hold of a reference (such as MIMS) is advisable, as is getting your head around Australian drug brand names as soon as you can. Then it’s all about deciding where and what you want to do. “By working for a not-for-profit hospital, there are significant tax concessions available,” advises Fettell. Sounds good, but can you travel a bit while you work? Yes, says Fettell, “most hospitals in Australia provide on-the-job clinical education to their staff, as well as providing funding to attend various conferences and seminars”. Okay, you want to talk money now, do you? JP Nurseforce managing director John Moore gets down to business. “Rates of pay vary, but on average a nurse working full-time can expect to clear over $1,500 per week.”

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