A Kiwi fella in Christchurch has put together a comprehensive directory, covering both North and South islands, of free camping areas, paid campsites, public toilets and more. It’s called Campermate, and its aim is to help campers traverse the land without running into legal mishaps.

There are plenty of places to camp for free in New Zealand, but in different areas the rules can be different. Consequently, those kipping in campers can find themselves on the wrong side of the law without really realising it.

Instead of taking the risk of copping a fine, you can simply open up the app and take a peek at what your options are on the road ahead. You might score a free spot, or splurge for a paid one, or just find a spot to answer the call of nature – ahem, a public toilet, not behind a tree.

If you’re about to dive into your New Zealand road trip, then don’t leave home without it! Find out more about Campermate at www.campermate.co.nz. It’s available for both Android and Apple devices.