Furry eyebrows, super quiffs and nostalgic hairstyles have made waves internationally and now they’re going large in London. But like any fads, blink, and you’ll miss them.

To help keep your look fresh, we check out some of the latest styles hitting the London beauty circuit.


Big eyebrows have surfaced before (think Brooke Shields, circa 1990), but in 2012 they’re creeping back on to foreheads everywhere. Although facial caterpillars are all over catwalks globally, we have Desperate Scousewives cast member Jodie Lundstram – whose eyebrow job at a beauty salon last November was an epic fail – to thank for the new moniker. Now, dollybirds the world over are sporting monstrously bold brows, letting loose with the powder and pencil. You can experiment at home with the eyebrow stencil shaping kit from Shavata, for £12.

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Statement eyeliner

Take inspiration from Japanese sex kittens and play with supersize feline eyeliner flicks. Parallel lines, in particular, are the rage, with top and bottom strokes mirroring each other. This look does take some mastering, but try Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel eyeliner. It’s a gel formula that delivers the same precision as a liquid liner, but is much easier to control. £15.50.

Romantic locks

The guys at Islington-based hair salon Ogario London have kept a keen eye on models’ catwalk tresses, and as such, predict a return to romance in warmer months. “We’re talking hair that’s the stuff of fairytales – think the strong braids of Rapunzel, and, on the whole, fuller and softly layered,” Ogario says. However, pretty locks also get an urban edge – so think a feminine fishtail braid with a sweeping, gravity-defying fringe.

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Rockabilly hair for men

You only have to spend a day in east London to see this Americana-inspired hairstyle trend shows no sign of slipping off the radar. The vintage style, otherwise known as a ‘greaser’ or ‘pompadour’, where hair is longer at the front than the back and sides, and parted or slicked back, has decidedly more attitude than the quiff it gave rise to. Also, with elements of women’s 1950s fashion creeping on to the catwalk,  rockabilly hair for girls was bound to make an appearance. Get the hairspray out, the ‘ducktail’ is back.

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Jetlag revival treatment

So we’ve taken some liberties on the ‘international’ theme here, but this treatment does, quite literally, span
time zones – and fresh-faced is in. Jetsetters beset by jetlag here’s one way to help you counter the effects. Stop into No.1 Traveller Lounge at Heathrow T3 for a 55-minute Core Revival massage, a 25-minute facial treatment and 25-minute manicure or pedicure before you fly. At £100, It could be holiday money well spent – especially if you’re off in search of trends!

– Rebecca Kent