Oasis fans will be delighted (or, more likely besides themselves with rage) to hear this new cover, which the boyband casually jam on a beach, complete with their own added vocal flair and faux-retro cine film video effects.

Yup, it’s pretty special.

One hardcore Oasis fan, Stella Archer, commented “To all One Direction fans:This is a song by the band Oasis, one of the best bands Britain has ever produced. Go check some songs of them out, it’s never too late to get a decent taste in music!”

Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher has mocked brother Liam’s performance at the London 2012 closing ceremony, cheekily labelling Liam’s band Beady Eye “Stratford’s finest Oasis tribute band” at a recent War Child charity gig.

Noel has also recently turned down the golden opportunity to star in the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, according to MTV.

Watch the cover version below and cringe/rejoice…