Three young pop-rocking boys with long golden locks, whom some mistook as girls, once took the world by storm with their catchy 1997 #1 hit, Mmmbop.

In celebration of their 21st anniversary together, Hanson are now launching their own beer, named after the catchy tune as, wait for it…. Mmmhops!

The new brew was created in partnership with the craft beer company Mustang Brewing, and will debut in Autumn, along with the band’s world tour of their sixth studio album Anthem, reported USA Today.

The three young brothers, who now sport short, darker do’s, shared the first taste of Mmmhops at the Los Angeles premier of new movie The Hangover III which features Mmmbop – proof that this song will be with us forever!

The release of the beer was actually brought forward in the wake of the recent devastating tornadoes in the band’s home state of Oklahoma.

“The tragedy hits close to home, especially since this community was among the first places our band performed together, including schools which were lost in the storm.” Taylor Hanson said in a statement.

“We are hopeful that the proceeds we can galvanize will play a lasting role in the recovery efforts”.

Anthem and Mmmhops launch June 18, biro that into your diary.