The YouGov survey for blinkbox reveals our TV watching habits, and suggests that we should probably get out more.

Over a third of us feel compelled to watch more than one episode of our new favourite show at a time. And the urge to watch just one more episode could be leaving us tired the next day, with 33% of people interviewed reporting that they get less sleep when hooked on a box set.

Fear of missing out is another reason we stay glued to the TV, with 23% of Brits saying they feel ‘out of the loop’ if they have not seen a show that friends and family are talking about. 13% of us have felt pressured into watch a TV box set that colleagues are watching, and at home, 23% say they feel obligated into watching the TV box set their partner is into.

Oh, and box sets probably bring out the worst in us. One in ten men admit to having hid a box set from a partner so they can watch alone, 17% would make an excuse to stay in to watch a box set rather than see family or friends, and one in five of us would rather watch a box set than have sex.

One in ten people claimed to have watched a box set to friends and family when they hadn’t; bet that conversation got fairly awkward very quickly.

Image credit: Thinkstock