A boy in year seven was accidentally hit in the face by an oaty three-sided missile that had been thrown at Castle View School on Canvey Island.

In light of the event, school head Gill Thomas ordered staff in the kitchen to make only rectangular or square flapjacks.

“It is true, it did happen,” a source was quoted in The Sun.

“During lunchtime on Wednesday a boy was injured by a triangular flapjack that was thrown across the canteen.

“It was an accident and no one got in trouble.

“The headteacher made the decision. I think whoever was in charge of the cafeteria reported the incident and from there the decision was made. It only covers flapjacks at the minute. The flapjacks are made on site.”

The Independent quoted a spokesperson for the school: “I can confirm that the texture and shape of the flapjacks were reviewed following an isolated accident last week.”   

Even though sweet square treats just means there’s one more corner to rocket into a child’s head, it appears the humble triangle is the enemy here.

What’s next on the chopping block? The one instrument everyone can give a ding or the preferred means of getting salsa out of a jar?

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