British Airways was left red faced today after an internal magazine sported a picture of an iPhone boarding pass apparently belonging to Osama Bin Laden.

The boarding pass shows that Al Qaeda boss, Bin Laden, is a frequent flyer and is travelling in first class seat 7C.

The piece of Photoshop wizardry was splashed across the front cover of the BA magazine.

It’s been suggested that the image could have been ‘sabotaged’ by a pissed off staff member, with BA still at loggerheads with cabin crew in a standoff that has led to mass strikes.

Tory MP Patrick Mercer, who has served on a Commons anti-terrorism sub-committee, told The Express:

“While this may be light-hearted, it is worth looking at the serious security implications. It does focus the mind on how much easier our enemies might find it to get a legitimate boarding pass under a system using mobile phones.”

In the mean time, we reckon someone from BA’s mag team will be joining the dole queue tomorrow, but you’ve got to salute their balls!

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