A burglar who took pictures of his penis on stolen phones and sent them to the owners’ friends has been caught.

Australian Anthony Willis went on a spree stealing phones and taking indecent pictures of his penis, which he would then send to random numbers on the phone.

One victim, a schoolboy, was reported to his head of year after friends received the pervy MMS messages and assumed they were from him.

Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday heard that the student, 17, whose parents were contacted by the school, was humiliated and embarrassed by the incident.

When Willis was finally arrested with a large amount of stolen property, investigators discovered that he had taken photos of his penis the house he was in and sent the images to various contacts on the stolen phones. The background of some of the images was of the premises, including curtains and a TV.

Willis admitted to taking dozens of pictures of his penis on the phones but his only comment was:

“I’ve been off me head for a while … so … on drugs, so I couldn’t tell you what I’ve done.”