The consumer magazine Good Housekeeping reckons to have munched its way through a mountain of chocolate and meticulously analysed over 500 results to come to the conclusion that Tesco’s so-called Medley of Eggs, weighing in at a whole kilogramme and with a score of 88 out of 100, is the best of this year’s Easter laying fest. But it does cost £25.

That hefty price tag is still a good bit cheaper than the sixth placed Rococo Milk and Dark Egg, which scores only 78/100, weighs in at a paltry 440 grammes and will set you back £45.

Even posh Harrods’ fifth placed Lattice Egg does better, scoring 79/100 and costing £24.95,  though it is a latticed lightweight 380g.

As for the rest, Marks & Spencer’s Egg Nest was second choice, 82/100, £10, 320g; 3rd was Waitrose Hop the Frog, 81/100, £5, 200g; 4th Bettys White Rabbit Egg, 81/100, £14.50, 180g; 7th Lindt Cookies and Cream, 78/100, £9.99, 314g; 8th Marks & Spencer’s Captain Eggwash, 77/100, £6, 235g; 9th Green and Black’s Easter Tasting Collection, 77/100, £14.99, 525g; and 10th Bettys Swiss Chocolate Egg, 77/100, £35, 430g.

We suggest you start laying into them.

Image credit: Thinkstock