Olivia Leblonk’s 17-month-old son Gabriel died in hospital after a 10-hour fight for survival.

Gabriel was hastily baptised just before he died.

Olivia told the Daily Mail: “I had him in my arms when I heard a sound of gunfire followed by flash of light like lightning.

“I looked at my child and his eyes returned my look. I screamed. He had been wounded in the back of the head.”

Liege killed four people during his attack in the busy Place Saint Lambert, in Belgium on Tuesday.

Two teenage boys and a 75-year-old woman also died in the attacks.

Olivia, who was also with her husband, Romuald was visiting a nearby Christmas market.

Gabriel was hit with a bullet from a military style assault rifle in the head close to his neck.

Amrani injured a further 122 people before killing himself. The body of a woman – believed to be his neighbour’s cleaner – was later found at his home.

Today home photos of weapons and a cannabis farm belonging to Amrani were revealed, showing a cache of guns and military-style clothing.

Amrani was know to be a “gun freak”, police have said.