A Southwest Airline pilot has been disciplined after he accidentally broadcast a profanity-laden mid air rant slagging off flight attendants.

The pilot was flying from Austin to San Diego on March 25 when he let rip with a two and a half minute rant complaining to a fellow crew member that his team were made up of "old dudes and grannies and maybe a handful of cute chicks" which was heard by other flight crews and air traffic controllers.

He also detailed previous sexual conquests and took a pop at gays and obese people.

An investigation by the the Federal Aviation Administration revealed that the microphone the pilot was using had became stuck.

At one point an air traffic controller in Houston alerted other air crews to the vulgar transmission:

"OK, someone has a stuck mic and telling us about all their endeavors and we don't need to hear that," the transcript of the recording revealed.

The veteran captain, who had flown with the airline for 12 years, was suspended without pay and was given diversity training before lbeing reinstated.

Listen to the pilot's rant here.