The boys in blue reckon that fraudsters are nicking as much as £7m a year from holidaymakers.

The highway robbers are evidently forging airline tickets and spoof adverts to flog holidays. Or so says the City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).

The BBC reports that one couple lost more than a grand after booking what they thought was a romantic break with a dodgy ‘company’.

The NFIB says more than 4,500 cases of holiday-booking fraud were reported in a single year.

Disappointments ranged from airline-ticket fraud, fake adverts for accommodation with some people arriving at their resort with nowhere to stay in sight.

A Facebook ad that tempted one couple landed them stranded in a blizzard.

A tip? The ABTA website has a list that might help you avoid the scams.

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Image credit: Thinkstock