PETA have announced that their Managing Director, Ingrid E Newkirk, will suggest to Princess Anne that she should consider how animals feel joy and pain, and deserve respect, in the form of a course.

The complete course consists of workshop outlines, videos, supplemental course materials and a final exam.

But what would Anne be studying? Well, this is the syllabus – scientific evidence that animals are thinking and feeling beings capable of a wide range of complex behaviour and emotions, presentations on the specific needs and behaviour of companion animals, and examples of the fact that people who display acts of aggression towards animals often proceed to turn their violence against humans.

“PETA’s course teaches the Golden Rule – treat others as you wish to be treated”, Newkirk says. “Those who have everything in life should not be calling for the death of horses and badgers, whose only crime is to be born into a world where humans are in charge and other animals are viewed by some as replaceable.”

Your move, Anne…

Just for the record, PETA, we’re with you 100%.

Image credit: Getty