Hundreds of thousands of public sector workers staged protests across the country today, according to a Sky News correspondent.

Most of the marches have been peaceful, but there have been a few clashes and scuffles around Trafalgar Square.

Police have made a total of 24 arrests so far at today's protests for possession of drugs, criminal damage and breach of the peace.

Sky News saw police remove 10 youths in black hoodies from the London demonstrations.

Police have begun kettling at protests in central London.

Public sector strikes to go ahead

Travel delays during strike: disruption at ports and airports expected

More than 11,000 schools in England have been affected by today's strike action.

Airports, job centres, courts, libraries, museums and tax offices have also been affected by the disruption as around 600,000 people have walked-out.

The public sector workers are striking in response to moves to make them work longer for smaller pensions.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: "I'm a firm believer of negotiations and as I've said, I hope we're going to be able to resolve this through negotiations – without the need for further industrial action."

He added: "But the Government never negotiated when they announced unilaterally the change in indexation of pensions, which at a stroke slashed the value of pensions by 15 per cent.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: "I think it's a real shame there are strikes because there are talks ongoing between the Government and the trade unions,"