Newlyweds the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kick off their first ever overseas royal tour in Canada today.

Prince William and wife Kate will arrive in the capital of Ottowa on board a Royal Canadian Air Force jet before laying a wreath in memory of Canadian servicemen and women who have died in battle at the National War Memorial.

And tomorrow Prince William, Canada's future King, will make a speech on Parliament Hill as part of the July 1 Canada Day celebrations.

"Last year on the same day the crowds that came out for the Queen were extraordinary", said Canada's minister for citizenship and immigration, Jason Kenney.

"So that's why, especially given the excitement around the Royal Wedding and the newness of this lovely couple, we expect to see a very significant turnout this year," he added.

The royal couple’s visit to Ottowa is just the beginning of a 12-day visit to North America.

They will also travel to Quebec where people are less than enthusiastic about the monarchy and around

300 members from separatist group the Quebec Resistance Network are expected to turn out in protest.

But overall Canada is excited by the couple’s imminent arrival.

"William and Kate are unveiling this new 21st century monarchy which is more accessible, more connected to the people and I think that appeals to the younger generation," Matthew Rowe from the Monarchist League of Canada told Sky News.

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