As we battle the ongoing spread of the coronavirus, millions of Americans and global citizens are struggling to figure out how to stay healthy, safe, and sane all at once. With gyms closed, our favorite pastimes shut down, and social distancing orders prohibiting us to physically connect with friends, family, and the community, finding balance is tough to do. And there’s certainly no modern roadmap for surviving these troubling times.

If you’re looking for some helpful and healthy resources to help you make it through, stay with us!

1. Soothing music

Whether it’s the eerie yet angelic sounds of Angel Olsen that soothe your soul or the indie pop makings of BENEE that bring you balance, there’s no denying the healing power of music. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the news or need some tunes to take a break from the TV, check out these calming playlists.

●      Chill Lofi Study Beats:

●      Relax Lofi: 

●      Lofi Hip-Hop: 

●      Coffee Shop Vibes:

If you’re self-quarantining on your own, we definitely recommend having some sounds on in the background, because silence can be seriously anxiety-inducing when you focus your energy on it. When you feel like you’ve gone through all of your playlists and are starting to feel uninspired with music, give podcasts a go. 

Here are some of our favorites:

●      Modern Love:

â—‹      Stories of modern love submitted by New York Times readers.

●      Invisibilia:

â—‹      Stories where science, unseeable forces, and the human experience meet.

●      This American Life:

â—‹      Highly popular podcast that focuses on a new theme with related stories each week.

2. CBD

Over the last several years, the CBD market has exploded in popularity due to the marijuana byproduct’s natural healing properties without psychoactive or addictive effects. 

CBD is believed to offer the following medicinal benefits:

●      Pain relief

●      Stress relief

●      Uplifts mood

●      Reduces inflammation

●      Reduces nausea

●      Promotes good sleep

CBD can be applied topically using an oil or concentrated cream, vaporized, or ingested using a tincture or a capsule. Find CBD supplies here: .

3. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways to release yourself from troubling feelings. When you work out, your brain distributes mood-boosting and energizing chemicals like endorphins and dopamine which can have you feeling level-headed and positive for hours (even days) to come.

Having trouble finding a social-distancing safe workout? Try these out:

●      YouTube fitness classes

●      Yoga

●      Dance 

●      Jumprope

●      Hula hoop

●      Zumba

4. Meditative activities

Another great way you can find the peace of mind you need during these tough times is by practicing a meditative activity. This can include practicing traditional meditation, but it doesn’t have to! You can find mindfulness in plenty of other ways including:

●      Journaling

●      Reading

●      Sketching

●      Stretching

●      Staring out a window

●      Walking

●      Water coloring — learn to watercolor here:

5. Happy hobbies 

With all this time on your hands, you’ll probably find yourself looking for ways to mix up your routine so you don’t feel like Bill Murray every day in Groundhog’s Day. Besides, we’ve all run out of Netflix series to watch.

Here are some fun ways to pass the time:

●      Learn to cook:

●      Learn a difficult language:

●      Learn to be a fitness instructor:

6. Virtual connection

One advantage we have during this time of crisis is the ability to connect with family, friends, colleagues, and community members even though we can’t be physically present with them. Connecting with your loved ones over video chat, text, snail mail, or quick phone calls is one of the easiest and most effective ways you can find support right now. 

What upkeep are you doing to preserve your mental health during these unprecedented times? Share your tips in the comment section below.