Violence has been escalating at the detention centre in Papua New Guinea for the past few days, as asylum seekers have launched protests or have tried to escape.

Last night’s unrest led to the most casualties – as well as one death, 13 other people are being treated for serious injuries.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has said a full inquiry into the incident will go ahead. Speaking of the deceased asylum seeker, who died of a head injury, he said: “The news of a death is a great tragedy and our sympathies are extended to the transferee’s – that person’s family and friends who would have been in the facility as well.”

Other asylum seekers who were not involved in the violence were evacuated to a safe space.

Mr Morrison said that the centre has since reopened. He added: “This is a very distressing situation but it is not a situation, sadly, that was not anticipated.”

Image credit: YouTube/Australia Network News