A rollerblader set off speed cameras by travelling at 40mph down a road in Hastings, East Sussex, and posted the triumphant results on Youtube. Comments have flooded in including some from other rollerbalders suggesting they’ll be trying the stunt themselves.

It took rollerblader Sam Tuffnell, 28, four attempts to set off the speed camera and he believes he may have been travelling even faster than 40mph.

“I may have been going a bit faster than that,” Tuffnell said.

“I have been towed by a car at 65mph and it didn’t feel far off that. I was trying to go faster.”

Tuffnell’s rollerblade stunt was a deliberate attempt to break the speed limit but he can’t be fined as the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 says non-motorised vehicles can not be prosecuted for speeding. Sweet glory indeed.

In the Youtube video, the flouro-jacketed rollerblader can be seen bombing down the road between traffic as his friends look on.

Rollerblader sets off speed camera.


The video has been getting lots of love on Youtube.

“Shame we’ll never see the shots from the speed camera….unless someone at Hastings council hooks you up! Haha” wrote lkshldrck.

And Tuffnell may have inadvertently sparked a worldwide ‘rollerblade vs speed camera’ trend. “I always wondered if one can set off these cameras on rollerblades, and this video answered the question! Awesome epic win! Makes me wanna try this with the cameras in the Phoenix AZ area! Keep sticking it to the Man!” wrote sportswearlover from the US.

However the authorities are less impressed.

“It is almost inconceivable that anyone would attempt such a dangerous stunt at night, dressed mostly in black, on a road that’s in use, just to prove a point,’ said Neil Hopkins of the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.

“Motorists also won’t be expecting to see someone on roller blades in the road, and other road users would find it incredibly difficult to accurately judge speed.”

Don’t try it at home kids.