Owen Thompson was playing in an under 15s game for Ware Youth when he complained about a goal the referee allowed which saw his team lose to Bengeo Tigers.

Thompson’s outburst was reported to the FA by the ref despite the fact the young keeper carries a Tourettes card.

“Football often suppresses my ticks, but I cannot control them when I get upset or stressed,” Owen said of the incident to The Mirror newspaper.

Hertfordshire FA chief Nick Perchard said: “The player swore at the referee and then refused to talk to him when asked to explain his actions.”

Ware Youth appealed the decision which was upheld by Hertfordshire FA, although his punishments were later reduced to a one game ban and a £15 fine.

This change though, beggars the question – if they’ve backtracked on Thompson’s penalty , surely they thought that awarding them was wrong in the first place?