A new poll shows Prime Minister Kevin Rudd maintains a massive personal approval rating despite a glitch in the government’s plan to guarantee bank deposits.

Polling from Essential Media Communications shows Mr Rudd’s approval rating has risen eight per cent to 66 per cent in the last month as the financial crisis moved from an international news story to a domestic threat.

The news is less impressive for Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull as 32 per cent of those polled did not even have an opinion on how the former merchant banker was travelling.

“This global economic meltdown has really been a winner for Kevin Rudd,” Essential’s manager of federal political relations Chris Johnson told AAP.

“He has found his narrative in this economic meltdown and the Australian public are going along with him.”

The opposition has attacked the government for its guarantee scheme which has left some $12 billion of investment funds frozen because they are not covered, but it appeared to be having little impact, Johnson said.

“Because voters are seeing Kevin Rudd is doing something and he’s doing something quickly, they’re happy with that.”

The polling also included a question about Rudd’s plan to target the massive pay cheques of bankers and others in the financial sector.

A huge 78 per cent of all those surveyed supported Rudd’s rhetoric.

“It is an obvious thing but it’s also telling that 76 per cent of coalition voters are supporting Rudd’s plan on this,” Johnson said.

“The prime minister’s remarks about that really have resonated.”

The polling, done online between October 21 to 26, attracted 1012 respondents.