In Texas, where everything it seems has to be bigger to be better, such a place exists. 

A gigantanormous gingerbread house has been built for charity and broken the world mark for confectionary construction.

The good news is, those little pests Hansel and Gretel are nowhere near it, neither is that old biddy who wanted to cook them up. 

The bad news is, should you take up the challenge of eating the whole thing (there is no challenge), you would be consuming 35.8 million calories including 820kg of butter. 

That’s because this behemoth in the town of Bryan is pretty much the size of a tennis court (covers 2520 square feet) and is 21-foot high.

It also includes 1327kg of brown sugar and 7200 eggs. 

It was made mounted on a wooden frame by the Traditions Club near Texas A&M University and aims to raise cash for a trauma centre. 

“We think big around here and we are competitive,” said club GM Bill Horton, adding nature including a few storms and unseasonally warm days have been a hassle. 

“One problem we did not anticipate was bees on warm days,” Horton said. “They have been coming over, getting so much sugar and stumbling around like they are drunk. But no one has gotten stung.”