Ryanair is to propose standing up rooms in its flights in an announcement to be telecast today.

The budget airline’s chief executive Michael O’Leary said tickets for the standing room area would cost between £4 and £8 and the concept would be safety tested next year. In further cost cutting measures, a toilet levy of £1 is to be introduced to encourage passengers to use the facilities on ground at the airport.

Ryanair has been in talks with aircraft manufacturer Boeing for including these designs in its future orders. The designs would necessitate the removal of both the rear toilets as well as a row of seats, leaving only a front loo in its planes.

The changes would be introduced in the short haul flights of one hour duration to begin with and some of the standing passengers may travel free.

However, safety experts at the European Aviation Safety Agency (Easa) expressed doubts if Ryanair’s ideas would take off as these would imply rewriting the existing flights safety and certification rules.

In another announcement, the carrier proposed an increase in its checked in luggage charges.

Are you ready to fly standing?