Bargain berths

Want to take a trip to Scotland but can’t afford the crazy train fare or the plane? Well, you can have yourself a little adventure and save cash if you check out Scotrail’s ‘Bargain Berths’ section, where a single fare on the Caledonian Sleeper train starts from as little as £19 if you book well in advance. The train cabins are cosy and the bar car does a great line in Scotch whisky. This is a plan with no flaws. Log on to

Cut-price pitchers

A cocktail pitcher for a quid? Yep, O’Neill’s can make all your dreams come true (or, you know, that one about a cocktail pitcher for a quid) on Friday and Saturday nights, when buying one pitcher automatically gets you a second for £1. The times at which the deal is valid vary from pub to pub, so check at your local.

Cheap pizza and pasta

Scoff a 2-4-1 Italian feast at Azzurro simply by entering your deets online and printing off a voucher at Venues at Waterloo and London Bridge.

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