A schoolgirl took a bag of Haribo to a show-and-tell session at school – without realising that it contained her dad’s cocaine stash.

The 10-year-old thought the white powder was sherbet wrapped in cling film.

The girl’s teacher was suspicious about the powder and confiscated it, informing police who raided the father’s home.

Police discovered 100 wraps of suspected Class A drugs and a cannabis stash.

The 31-year-old dad was arrested on suspicion of drug dealing. He has been bailed while police investigate.

His daughter has been taken to live with her mother.

Parents at the school were sent letters telling them about the incident.

One 40-year-old dad, who asked not to be named, told The Sun: “You teach your kids about taking sweets from strangers but don’t expect them to be in danger from eating sweets offered by other children at school.

“I don’t want to be wondering if my boy is being handed drugs in the playground.”

A mum-of-two said: “Drug dealing is evil enough but for a dealer to disguise his drugs in a packet of sweets with children in the house is so irresponsible it beggars belief. She or a friend could have taken the drugs and died.”

The schoolgirl didn’t realise that her dad used the packet of sweets to conceal the drugs for customers.

A school source said: “The girl is naive and innocent and had absolutely no idea the wrapper contained drugs. The wrap was never opened so no child took the drug or came into contact with it.”