On the campaign trail, Obama was on fire on The Tonight Show, especially when posed with Trump’s conspiracy theory about the President’s lineage.

“This all dates back to when we were growing up together in Kenya,” he said on the talk show. “”We had constant run-ins on the soccer field, he wasn’t very good and resented it.”

The consensus is that Obama was born in Hawaii to a white American mother and a Kenyan father.

“When we finally moved to America, I thought it would be over,” Obama continued the jibe with a trademark grin, before admitting he’d never met billionaire Trump.

Trump posted his five-minute statement on social networking Facebook and Twitter, adding that if Obama presented his college and passport papers by October 31 he’d give $US5 million to a charity.

Obama veered from the gags for a moment to slate Republican senator Richard Murdock’s claim that pregnancies that result from rape are intended by god.

“I don’t know how these guys come up with these ideas,” Obama said.

“Let me make a very simple proposition: rape is rape. It is a crime.

“This is exactly why you don’t want a bunch of politicians, mostly male, making decisions about women’s health care.”

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had spoke of his backing of the Indiana candidate, despite not agreeing with his rape comment.

Obama also admitted he ‘had a bad night’ on his first debate, which Romney was widely awarded, but got used to them through the send and third encounters, which he won.

He also said debating Romney was easier than taking on his own wife: “With Michelle I just concede every point.”

Image via Youtube