The latest Neil Finn project to be lent identity by Seven Worlds Collide is this double disc, recorded last Christmas to benefit Oxfam. Across 24 tracks, Finn is joined by the likes of KT Tunstall, Lisa Germano and Radiohead members, with vocal duties split among the clan.

By and large, you can tell the singers and songwriters from the moonlighters. On Run In The Dust, Johnny Marr sings like he means it but not like he knows what he’s doing. And while Radiohead drummer Phil Selway’s wispy voice may be effective, his songs don’t linger long.

Dig a little and you’ll find value. The unlikely pairing of Tunstall and Bic Runga works beautifully on Black Silk Ribbon, as does the duet by Finn and son Liam. Best of all are the two songs by former Mutton Bird Don McGlashan.

Musically, it’s a decent single LP buried within a 100-minute endurance test. But as a reward for a charity donation, it’s as good as you’ll find.