The model and actress’s curiosity about Warne’s former sport has led the ex-Australian international to decide to give her training sessions.

However, bypassing physical practice, Warne has opted to teach his fiancee about sledging, a sporting term which means to insult an opponent in order to unsettle them.

Shane tweeted: “ElizabethHurley asking so many cricket questions Think I will have to dress up in my old cricket whites & sledge her, so she understands!(sic)”

He later revealed he had carried out his plan and teased he now wants lessons of his own from the swimwear model.

He wrote: “I dressed up in cricket whites last night 4 @ElizabethHurley-taught her sledging Only fair EH returns favor tonight & dresses as….Agree ?(sic)”

However, it seems the Austin Powers star was more interested in her prowess in the kitchen and intended to impress her partner with her cooking skills.

She tweeted: “Just made raspberry and blueberry muffins for the hordes of teenagers. Saving the best one for SW.”

Elizabeth and her nine-year-old son Damian have spent the festive period in Australia with Shane and his three children and the brunette beauty has been struggling with the hot weather. She tweeted: “40 degrees here.

Brits wilt at 25. 10 kids in the pool. Grown ups lurking in the air con inside.”

During their holiday, Warne unveiled a 300kg bronze statue of himself at his home ground in Melbourne.