Honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani had been admitted to a hospital after a suspected suicide bid, it has been reported.

Dewani, 31, is currently out on bail fighting extradition to South Africa, where he has been accused of ordering the murder of his wife during their honeymoon.

On Sunday, Dewani was taken to Bristol Royal Infirmary after taking an overdose of pills, reports said.

According to spokesperson, Max Clifford, Dewani has been suffering from clinical depression and a stress disorder.

Honeymoon murder: Shrien Dewani suffering stress

Shrien Dewani rentboy claims

Dewani was unable to attend a recent court hearing because of ill health.

Clifford said: “Those close to him obviously have become increasingly concerned about his health.

“When he comes out of hospital he is probably going to have to have 24-hour nursing.”

Dewani has denied any involvement in the murder.

“All Shrien wants, all the family wants, is for the truth to come out,” Clifford said.

“If the truth comes out it will be clearly shown that he had nothing to do with this tragedy.”

Dewani has been accused of ordering the shooting of his wife Anni, 28, in November last year while the couple were in Cape Town, South Africa on their honeymoon.

According to South African police, the newlywed paid three hit men 1,300 pounds to fake the hijack of his taxi and murder his wife near Cape Town.

An extradition hearing has been set for May 3 at Woolwich Crown Court however Dewani’s lawyers claim that he is unlikely to receive a fair trial in South Africa.