If you have a growing family and need to upgrade to a bigger property you’ll no doubt have a large list of requirements to meet – including the right number of bedrooms, more than one bathroom and some decent outside space.

Can’t find what you’re looking for on the market? If so, it might be worth considering a new build property instead – for the following reasons…

A new build property really feels like ‘your’ home

You can walk into a new build and the first feeling is that it’s brand new! Of course, that’s stating the obvious but being the very first people – the only people – to live in the property is a really nice feeling. Nobody else has raised their children there, nobody else has laughed, slept, cooked or danced there. It’s completely yours to create a lifetime of memories in.

It’s a blank canvas

You’ll never look around a new house and cringe at some of the outdated furniture or decor that was fashionable three decades ago. Sometimes, when viewing older and more established properties, the challenge is to try and envisage it without someone else’s ‘stuff’ and clutter. Not easy. With a new build you won’t have to use your imagination – you’ll move into loads of lovely neutral colours and white space. The show home in the development provides an insight into the property’s potential but you have the chance to make it your own.

You may have incentives to move

New build developers need to sell the properties they are constructing and will often quicken the process by offering incentives to you, the buyer. If you have a growing family any assistance helps if you are planning to buy so see what new houses are on the table. There are a number of government-backed schemes available for new builds, including Help to Buy and Shared Ownership schemes. Some developers might buy your current property to ensure a quicker sale, or cover your stamp duty fees. Leaving you with more money to spend on new bedrooms for the kids!

Repairs and redecoration costs are minimal for first few years

Older properties can be charming but it’s not unusual to move into such a house and almost immediately have a list of DIY jobs to do – a non-flushing downstairs toilet, a lick of fresh paint required in a couple of bedrooms, a sad-looking lounge carpet that needs replacing. This all costs in terms of time and money, and if you have a young family it’s not always easy to get everything done. With a new build, everything is brand spanking new, so you can just move in and enjoy your home.

A new house comes with guarantees

Among the benefits of buying a new home is that many new properties usually come with guarantees – the NHBC’s 10-year warranty is a prime example. NHBC’s Buildmark covers around 80% of new homes built in the UK, which means over 1.6 million homes are protected. Some of those benefits are listed here and such cover can give you peace of mind should you and your family run into any difficulties at any stage.

Your children can make friends

New homes tend to attract buyers of a certain type – if you and your family are interested in brand new three bedroomed detached properties there’s a decent chance similar families are also viewing them too. The likelihood is, you won’t be moving into an ageing neighbour but a young one and your children could have other children of a similar age as near neighbours.