Stupid Hurts, filmed from 34-year-old Tim’s helmet cam, reveals the minutes leading up to horrible fall from higher than 2500 feet.

It all starts off well after the jumpo form 11,000 feet. Tim and his mates are shown enjoying the views.

But soon after, the experienced Tim collides with his friend Razz. His parachute becomes ensnared in the ropes.

Razz is forced to cut awayand use an emergency chute to nake it back to solid ground but Tim is left with a crumpled-up parachute that barely slows his fall at all.

Viewers can watch as he crashes to Earth in a cornfield south of Columbus, Wisconsin. He breaks his pelvis, back, and neck and was paralysed instantly.

Razz had landed in a nearby reserve after cutting away from Tim, and rushed to his side. ‘Can you feel your feet?’ he asked as Tim lay gasping and sputtering in pain.

A friend performed rescue breathing on him as his diaphragm stopped working. He was flown to University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison for emergency surgery.

 He wrote on his YouTube page: ‘It’s taken me four and a half years to be able to watch this video.’

All of the skydivers, he said, were highly experienced, and had each landed between 150 and a thousand jumps.

The video is reminiscent of one filmed by British-born Kiwi skydiver Michael Holmes, who, in 2007, also documented a plunge to Earth after a parachute failure.

Holmes’ video attracted international attention as it featured a ‘goodbye’ message as the-then 25-year-old realised what was happening.

Miraculously, he landed in a blackberry bush and sustained only (comparatively) minor injuries – a punctured lung and a broken ankle.