To add a soundtrack to your site, all you have to do is copy the Spotify URL, run it through the Spotify Play Button and then paste the code onto your website. If all that HTML sounds a bit too much for you, just click the “Audio Post” tool in Tumblr to embed whichever track you fancy.

Of course, in order to play music posted through the new widgets, you’ll need to be signed up for Spotify and have the free app installed on your computer or mobile device.

“We looked at streaming on the web, and it seemed like there was some room for improvement,” US Director of Product Charlie Hellman told The Verge. “There’s no easy way to embed licensed content in a reliable way.

“Most music embedding leaves artists on the sideline in terms of compensation, so we’re really excited about the fact that any time a song is played using the Spotify widget, a label gets compensated.”

Many publications including Time Out, the Huffington Post and Vogue, as well as Tumblr, have committed to using the widget to stream music on their sites.

Image via Spotify