A spurned lover has been locked up for posting a naked photo of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook.

New Zealander Joshua Ashby, 20, posted the photo of his ex naked in front of a mirror in a jealous rage after their five-month relationship ended.

Ashby changed his ex’s password so she was unable to remove the photo from her profile.

The account was eventually shut down 12 hours later by police and Facebook technicians.

Ashby, from the Island Bay area of Wellington, pleaded guilty to distributing indecent matter, as well as threatening to kill, wilful damage, assault and theft of a woman’s clothes.

Ashby had texted his ex with threatening messages, such as ‘Dead Bitch’ and ‘I’m going to kill you,’ heard a court in Wellington.

He also stole two of the unnamed woman’s dresses and cut them up.

Ashby’s parents, Michael and Lisa, told the Dominion Post newspaper that their son was not a mean or nasty person.

“He does feel for his ex-girlfriend and what he’s put her through and he just wants to put it behind him,” they told the paper.